My Top 13 Design Tools - Web and Graphic Design

I tend to be a bit overzealous when it comes to bookmarking anything that might possibly prove useful at some point in the future.  At one point I was scrolling through my "Design Resources" bookmarks and I realized the things I use frequently (every week or so) were buried in the pile.  So I made a new bookmarks folder for "frequent use" and only moved things over as they were used.

Here's the links that made it into that list, by category:


Fonts and Photos


Business & Management

With the one exception of Shutterstock, all of these resources are free (although I also pay for the business version of Dropbox, but that's only necessary if you're uploading a TON of files).  And that's one thing I love about web design - there's such a feeling of collaboration.  Very intelligent people build things and offer them for free, or ask only for voluntary donations (I donate to this image gallery's creator because it's my go-to and it's so beautifully simple) and the answer to most of your website problems is just a google search away.

So in that spirit of collaboration I'm sharing these tools today, hoping that someone will find them to be as useful as I have.

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