Artist Website - Client Design Process

At the risk of sounding cheesy, I am very excited to share this website with you!  Dianna Zions is a local artist and does some absolutely gorgeous things with antiques, cameos, and shadowboxes.  Being lucky enough to know her personally, I had a head start with the project.  For example: the color scheme was never anything but red, black and cream.

1. Design Options

Contrary to my typical approach, I was hesitant to make a logo, because I know Deanna has business cards, and a couple other branding pieces that I wouldn't get to redo that have her name with different fonts and styles.  So while I wanted to use fun, artsy fonts, I didn't want anything that would obviously be a mismatch if, say, a different script font were used elsewhere.

In the design samples, I tried to provide some variety.  This first one is a pretty typical webpage; the homepage would have stayed fairly empty, and each link would open to that new page.

The 2nd mockup was more streamlined for mobile.  That screenshot is the top section, but each link scrolls the viewer down to the next panel, with alternating colors to break up the sections.

The 3rd was the simplest, and more closely mimicked her old site.

2. The Process

Another benefit to being well-acquainted with my client was our ability to meet in person and work closely together.  Deanna wanted to use the 2nd design, but we looked through my image files together and she picked out a new background pattern, and stock images for the icons and textures.  We might have gone a little crazy on Shutterstock that day, but the end result was something that truly mimicked the feel of the art that she creates.

The design is simple enough to work across all devices without any extra css to make it adapt for mobile and it keeps the focus on the artwork and the artist, rather than trying to impress the viewer with fades and transitions.  One thing I love about this project is that it manages to be very simple, while having a more ornate feel to it.

If you want to check out Deanna's art, or see the site in action, feel free to visit her at

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