Enveste Real Estate Website - Client Design Process

John Matthews had recently taken the plunge into both entrepreneurship AND the real estate market.  After finding himself in possession of several properties, Matthews realized he needed a website for his business, Enveste Real Estate, to entice renters and provide an easy place to get information about his business.

1. Logo

Frequently with web projects, logo design becomes almost an afterthought, which is unfortunate but not terribly surprising.  While I designed a couple different logos to go with each web design option, I knew from the beginning that this was my favorite and Matthews ended up making the same choice.

2. Design Options

Matthews had one website in mind as design inspiration, so I knew he liked the black, grey, and orange color scheme.  But I gave him enough variety to fully explore the possibilities before settling on that look.

3. Caricature

At some point during the process, we decided that it would be fun, and give the site a unique feel to add a caricature of Matthews to the home page.  I stalked him on Facebook, found reference photos, and drew him in Illustrator.

4. The Final Product

This project really evolved as we worked on it, and some little touches that I hadn't planned on - hover transition effects, and discovering the Fotorama image gallery - really came together near the end of the project.  While we've declared the site "finished," things are constantly changing in the housing market and rentals are continually being added or changing availability.

While continued maintenance isn't necessarily the most glamorous part of design, I'm always very grateful for the chance to perform it because it means the site gets the attention it needs to stay up to date, and changes will be made professionally.

As a designer, it's always a little disheartening to go back to a website you designed in the past and see that it's been edited by someone who didn't know what to make of your div structure, or how to use image transparency.  I understand why people do it!  But it's disheartening all the same.

In any case, I'll be continuing to maintain Enveste Real Estate, and I'm supremely grateful for that opportunity!  And also for the chance to hone my illustration skills and give the site that very personal touch!

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