Everything Must Go! (Err... Well, a Lot of It, Anyway)

Business, Life & Design recently went through a major overhaul, so it seems like the perfect time for an update.  Let's take a look at the changes (and some upcoming ones).

On the Blog

1. Divergence - For the last couple years, blogging was more of a personal hobby for me than a professional one.  I had a lot of fun, but ultimately ignored my business and rarely shared new client projects.  Finally, I split my two "personas" into two blogs.  Business here, party over at Optimization, Actually.

2. Design Updates - I'm hoping to redesign the company website (JennWellsDesign.com) soon, and the new blog design matches that.  As a business owner, it's not often that I wish for fewer client projects, but some time to work on my own site would be nice!  Don't worry, as soon as the new design is up, I'll be filling you all in, in excruciating detail.  ;)

3. Keeping Up With the Jones' - I'm seeing some new trends popping up in blog design, and some of them are so beautifully minimalistic and clean that I couldn't not utilize them.  (Sticky navigation bars make my heart sing!)

I'll be talking a little bit more about minimalism and what it means for design, as well as trends in graphic and web design, business, resources, and my latest projects.

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